Warranty Terms

Terms of Repairs

All parts sold by Siella Medical are OEM or aftermarket

Terms and Conditions

Siella Medical may need to change parts in the course of repairing a variety or medical equipment. Siella uses OEM parts where possible and if requested by customer, otherwise aftermarket parts meeting

Siella’s standards will be used. Siella will also support published recalls by the OEM to the best of its ability and where parts and software are available.

Return of Goods

There is a 30 day return of goods policy with a 20% restocking fee. After 30 days, Siella will consider the returned units for credit under strict compliance. All returned items must be accompanied by a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number given by Siella.


Siella must determine that all parts or products under warranty are free from defects (physical damage) and water damage caused at the customer’s facility (see list below for more). Unless otherwise agreed upon, Siella offers a 12-month warranty for all repairs and purchases (excluding parts). Parts have a 90-day warranty. Siella will repair the part or product using new, used, or refurbished replacement parts.

Warranty (Out of Box Failure): Upon receipt of supplied and/or repaired items from Siella, the customer agrees to inspect and test the items supplied by us within three (3) days in order to determine if “out of box failure” exists. Customer agrees to report out of box failures within the warranty period.

What is not covered?

➢ External causes such as accidents, abuse, misuse, or problems with electrical power

➢ Water damage, physical damage, neglect/improper use, or improper installation

➢ Warranty items where the Siella Medical warranty has been tampered with and/or removed

➢ Failure to follow the product instructions or failure to perform preventative maintenance

➢ Problems caused by using accessories or parts not supplied by Siella

➢ Products with missed or altered service tags or serial numbers not in Siella’s System