Cable: CS8K ECG to ATL HDI 3000/5000, 40ft

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Cable CS8K ECG to ATL HDI 3000/5000 40ft

The Cable CS8K ECG to ATL HDI 3000/5000 is a specially designed cable assembly which includes 2 conductors of size 22 AWG, a 9 positions D-SUB Male connector at one side and a 1/4 inch standard Phone Plug at other side. The cable jacket and insulation is made of high quality Poly-Vinyl Chloride (PVC) with good chemical resistance and high strength which makes it well suited for many medical applications. The cable assembly offers outstanding flexibility for easier handling. Heat shrink tubing is provided to insulate wires from external environment. It also helps to provide abrasion resistance to the wires. The products superior materials quality offers reliable operation, efficient functioning and longer life span. This cable assembly can be used with Case, Case 8000, Cardio Lab and Mac Lab systems.